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The FACTS of life

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

No, not those facts....

My facts. Your facts.

Our "why"

When my world is spinning, and I feel like I just can't stop it, I have to remember my facts.

  1. I love my husband

  2. I love my children

I have more facts - but those two are the most important facts in my life.

These are important for me to write down and acknowledge because (even if it sounds horrible) there are days when I can't see that up front. Not because they are not there, but because I am lost in my own emotions and my own thoughts, and being lost is one of the most powerful things I've ever felt. It is scary. It is dark. It is above all, lonely.

I am sharing this because I know that we all struggle, to varying degrees. We all face darkness at times. Life starts spinning and takes our hearts and minds with it.

But I want to remind you of your facts, your why. Your reason to put your foot down and stop the spinning. You can't stop the world, but you can get off the crazy metal merry go round we all played on as kids and somehow didn't die. It is your choice. (And if you can't seem to get off, reach out, there is someone here that will grab the metal circle of death and ride it with you until you can jump off) (safely) (possibly barfing)

Is it easy? Absolutely not. Is it worth it? YES. Because, your facts, your "why".

My love for Mike and my kids means that in the midst of the storm, I have a lighthouse, and I will follow that light until I get to shore. It might take me a while, but I am paddling with all my might towards them.

Some days I might be dogpaddling, others I may have rented a speed boat. Or possibly a helpful seal has come along to nudge me towards shore. But, I am choosing. Choosing to be ACTIVE. To step forward. Despite my emotions. Despite the chaos. I WILL MOVE FORWARD.

Sometimes it is all you can do to take one step - that is ok. Take it. Then take another one tomorrow. And when you feel as though you can't possibly take another step, write your why on the bathroom mirror and stare at it. Say it out loud. Over and over. Then make a choice, based on your facts, not the chaos of the world.

My list of happy habits is not just a feel good nifty list I made because I'm such a positive happy go lucky person. (I know, shocking) My list is there for those times above, when I am dogpaddling and just trying to find ways to keep my head above water. And if there is one thing I know to be fact; is that positive things, just like negative ones, add up. So even if my positive little happy habit didn't change my day, it will still add to the tally. It will still push me in the right direction.

So what is your "why"? What are your facts?

Side Note: We should be on our list of facts. "I love myself and I am worth it." I understand that, and I try to deal with that daily as well. But having that outside source is very positive too.

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