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my people

This page is dedicated to...


The amazing  people that have inspired me, helped me, encouraged me, kept me healthy and strong. I love them and am so grateful for them! 

Billy Blanks®

Where do I even begin?


Tae Bo® Fitness changed my life beginning in 1999 after the birth of my first son. Tae Bo® has challenged me for over 23 years, through all of my life stages; meeting me where I was and taking me where I wanted to go. 

Billy believed in me when I didn't know how to believe in myself - THAT is what Tae Bo® Fitness is about.  

DG Boxing 

The BEST boxing gym in Long Beach! 

DG and his team have been pivotal in my training. I've trained with DG himself, as well as several of his fighters.


As  a female athlete, I have always been taken seriously in his gym; they trained me as hard as I wanted to train. The confidence I built at DG Boxing has been so incredible - if you want to learn how to box - go there! 

Judi Shapiro

owner and operator of 


Judi, with her energy, heart and passion, is the reason I began teaching again after I lost my father.


She is like no other! 

Mike Rymer, PT OCS
Director / Partner California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy

Mike has a very special place in my life.  


He is the physical therapist that worked with me after my surgery to reattach my left hamstring. As one of his "long timers" he worked with me for just over 6 months, helping me learn to move again. I came to him in crutches and my left leg in a full brace. From my very first movements, to finally being able to do a 20" box jump, he not only helped me return to normal living - but return to being an athlete!


I can't thank him enough for his patience, knowledge and for tirelessly answering my questions, and always finding ways to challenge me! 

Dr. Sean Braithwaite, D.C.

Dr. Sean, as his clients know him, is the most amazing chiropractor!

His knowledgeable treatments have kept me at my best. He has treated me through minor and major injury, migraines, pregnancy and just everyday health and wellness.


My entire family goes to him, we love him!!

Kaisa Keranen
Owner of KaisaFit

"We are so much more than our bodies. However incredible they may be, they are not the definition or limit to who we are as human beings."



Joey Swoll 

DO BETTER, & MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS Two of Joey's most famous sayings! Tired of the Influencer gym shaming posts, he's made it his mission to call those people out and tell them to MYOB. He works tirelessly to make sure that the gym is a welcome place for all, and has become a hero to many, myself included. 


He is an incredible personal trainer and can meet you where ever you're at and take you where you want to go! 

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