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And so my journey continues

Fast forward 23 years, and here I am. Now navigating what I would call  a midlife awakening. The past 23 years have seen so much change; in the world, in my family, and mostly, within myself. I've realized that evolving is a beautiful and wonderful thing. I am understanding that my heart has endured so much in these years, it had to change and grow to accommodate  my new found loves (my husband and second born) my new found losses (my father) and my deeply evolving passion - WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. It has all come together to thrust me into a new realm of life - and I am unbelievably excited, even if I'm a little scared! 

Maybe that's just it - life should be a little scary. If it's not scary, then we are not thinking outside of our box. We are sitting comfortably where we are. Just beware that in comfort there is no growth. 

So, I'd like to challenge you to get uncomfortable with me. Let's get scared, let's GROW, and FIGHT, and LIVE our fullest. Above all, let's learn to LOVE with all we are. 

Why Fitness? 

What does fitness have to do with all of this? Fitness, for me, is a combination of my physical health, my mental health and my spiritual health. When I say physical, I am referring to my body and its ability to do what I want it to do. When I say mental, I am speaking to my mind, my mentality, my ability to navigate without emotion. When I say spirit - I am talking about my heart, my essence, the core of who I am. 

This is my definition of being FIT. When all these things combine and allow me to live the life that I want, then I am FIT. This is a journey, and it will last a lifetime, but it is the best way I have found to live an amazing life. 

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