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About Mel...

Certified Tae Bo® Fitness Instructor by Billy Blanks®

Certified Personal Trainer

Wife, mom, business woman, advocate for women empowerment


My fitness journey - like so many of yours, is long, windy, full of trials, and ultimately never ending. 

I began Tae Bo® fitness in 1999 with my infomercial purchase of the original VHS series. (yep, I'm VHS old) I had just given birth to my first born, Andrew, and had gained a solid 60 pounds during pregnancy. (LOVE corndogs) I remember in the infomercial, seeing Shellie Blanks Cimarosti in the front, sweat dripping from her chin onto the floor. That was the first time I'd seen a woman sweat like that! She had such POWER! I wanted that power in my life, and so my journey began. 

I'd do as much of the workout as I could, I would hit pause when he shouted "double time!" and turned it off when I couldn't go any more. And you know what? It was enough! Each workout, I could do a little more, every once in a while, I did the double time, and finally, one day - I completed the entire hour long workout! And through it all, felt Billy "talking" to me from my TV. "Don't you quit now! I can see you! Keep going, you can do it!" He was right! He believed in me, and through that, I learned how to believe in myself. 

I was able to lose my pregnancy weight (over time, weight loss is not quick OR easy!) and my passion for fitness began. 

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