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Sitting on Kix

So, this morning, I had another great training session at DG Boxing. For the most part, every time I go in, I get the opportunity to jump in the ring and spar one of several fighters. DG is very specific with who he puts in the ring - not meaning me, but the fighters he puts in the ring to spar with the novices, like myself. He is awesome about ensuring the best training experience for all involved, and I benefit tremendously from each fighter that I spar with.

Today was Johnny - and he is a great teacher. He's in my age range, an ex fighter, and has incredible patience. He runs combos on me long enough so I can anticipate, and start calculating my responses. I have found that in the last few months, I have started thinking more in the ring, which is a huge feat for me. I am not just reacting, but I am watching and learning my opponent's patterns, strengths and