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Embrace Your Panty Lines

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

I bought the best chonies ever right before my hamstring reattachment surgery. You don't really think about what your chonies look like until someone you don't know is going to see them. And really, how often does that happen?

So I ordered these great boy style chonies from Reebok. I LOVE them! They fit so perfectly, they just hug my butt like nobody's business and keep me secure. I have worn thongs for years, doing my best to avoid unsightly panty lines. Because that is important. Way important. No one, should EVER, notice that I'm wearing panties. I mean, it's a secret, right? It's such a secret, that my panties have been diminished to a tiny little cooter strip, some string on the sides, and don't forget the string