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It's the little things...

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

It's been that kind of week. The kind that can sweep you off your feet and plant you on your back with your skirt in the air. Except, I don't wear skirts, and if I did, I'd have workout shorts on underneath. (because you never know when you will need to throw a side kick.) (and, well, I don't like my thighs touching - the whole sweat thing)

Anyways. There I was, flat on my back (figuratively, but it really happened) and I had to do something. One, I needed to get up and find some dignity. Two, I needed to fight back and figure out whatever the heck knocked me over.

Only, it is so. many. things. So many things seem to be going against me, I'm a fish swimming upstream, except I don't have a instinctual goal of mating. I am swimming upstream, against - everyone. Why on earth is everyone swimming the other way?

So, with currents getting stronger and stronger, I have to figure out how I can keep going forward. And then I need figure out why I am swimming upstream. Possibly in reverse order.

So here's what I did today. Little things. Since I am basically flailing, unsure of anything, I needed to find little things to ground me. (otherwise known as happy habits) I took a shower. Maybe not a big deal to some, but I even shaved my legs and conditioned my hair. Oh - and I painted my nails! HOT NEON PINK! Toes and fingers. Don't look close, it's embarrassing, but if we're on Zoom or in class, and my legs are flying in roundhouse kicks, it looks great!

I ordered this beautiful necklace from PureVida , it's simple, it's lovely, it will comfort me, and it will shine - mental health is IMPORTANT and the world should know it.

I took Oliver to the beach, and the sunshine filled our souls. The sounds of the ocean filled my heart and the quietness gave me peace. And Oliver found so many seashells, his joy was palpable.

So, today - the world did not change. But today, I filled myself with the sunshine of the world, with the sunshine of pink nail polish, and the sunshine of littleSmuck. And you know what - it helped.

No matter what the world brings, no matter how overwhelmed you are, or how jacked up your skirt is after a fall: get up - fill up - with YOUR CHOICE of wonderous things. And don't forget to hold to your definition of wonderous - not the worlds.

And for the love of all that's holy - wear some workout shorts under your dress!

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