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I Bought Mom Shorts!

And I haven't been THIS HAPPY in a long time!!!

Like, for real. I have been wearing sweats all day, all night, all the time. Granted, I have several pairs, so I do at least wash them. But I am at that funky place where my normal clothes are too small, my pregnancy clothes are too big (thank goodness, since Oliver is about to turn 3 next week!) so really, all that I am comfortable in are my sweats.

Oh, and a stretchy pair of Capri jeans (totally out of style) that I was able to wear through pregnancy. They kind of bounced back but the butt is worn so thin, it's pretty much see through, but since it's the lower part of my butt that no one sees - I think it's ok to wear them still.

Going in to labor in my Capri jeans (June 2019)

Side note - the tank top I'm wearing in this pic is one of my favorites ever, and I wore that thing till the last moment of pregnancy (clearly). I still have it, but the armpits ripped from me stretching it to fit over my belly. And I still wear it.

Anyways. Sweats. Mom shorts. I suppose "mom shorts" don't sound any sexier - but I am not going for sexy, I just want to be comfortable wearing something other than pajamas! I have had the worst time finding shorts; I know you've been there. They are either ridiculously short, so that even if I felt comfortable in my skin I would be embarrassed at 46 to wear them, or they are really long and baggy, in which case I could have just borrowed my grandmothers. (No offense to any grandmas. I love you.)

DUDE. I found the best pair ever on Amazon. I did the "Try Before You Buy" for the first time. I don't have time to go clothes shopping and try things on with littleSmuck in tow. So this was the coolest option ever. Here is what they look like (on the model!) How stinking cute are they? Super casual, super light, elastic waistband with a drawstring and everything! No muffin top! They are not too short (seriously Target, take notes) they are not too long and not too baggy. I am in love. I bought two more.

And you know what? I feel SEXY! Are they sexy shorts? Not at all! But I have found something that helps me feel comfortable in my own skin. And that is life changing. When I feel good in my skin my entire perspective changes. Confidence is a game changer.

It really makes me step back and think of what other small things in my life are having a BIG impact on my day. We all know my coffee is impactful and necessary; but what are other small things can I do, or NOT do, to build my confidence and change my day?

I did a great face scrub the other day, for this first time in years. Literally, years. Oh my. It was amazing. Seaweed, who knew? Taking the time to put it on while Oliver played in the bathroom, walking around the house knowing I am doing something small (but wonderful because my face felt so tired) was super fun. I am not altogether sure what Oliver thought...

Once again, my confidence was boosted - for two reasons: 1. My face felt soooo much less tired after this (it was so refreshing) and 2. I intentionally did something really good for me. Just. For. Me. And that was a reminder to me that I am important, I am worth taking time to care for, and when I am cared for, I am a better person.

So what else is on my agenda to build myself up? Welp:

  1. I bought a rower and am loving being able to jump on it for 10 minutes (that's all I can do so far just to be clear!)

  2. I am doing the pushup challenge

  3. I am purging my house and getting rid of everything I don't need and putting a lot of stuff up on our community Facebook page "Buy Nothing." I've been able to give away so many great things I have no need for, but someone else does and it feels wonderful.

  4. I bought the "Handmaid's Tale" (nope, haven't read it) and can't wait to dive in.

  5. I am drinking more water!

Doing good things for myself builds me up. What are you doing to build yourself up? It can be big, it can small, heck, it can just be a pair of mom shorts.

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