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Get Naked!

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Yes. Totally Naked.

First make sure you're in the privacy of your home. But then - GET. FULLY. NAKED.

And look at your body. Look at your absolutely amazing, beautiful, life giving body! And say thank you.

Thank your legs. They've taken you everywhere you asked them to.

Thank you arms, they've always picked up your children when you tasked them with it.

Thank your stomach - no matter what you "see" you have a six pack of abdominal muscles that keep you standing every day.

Thank your booty, that incredible and most powerful muscle that allows you to throw some mad side kicks.

What about your back? Do you see its beauty? It carries the weight (literally and figuratively) of your years of life! It has carried you through each day and it needs your gratitude!

Look at your face, with your ears that allow you to hear joyous sounds, your nose that allows you to smell glorious smells, and your eyes! Look into your eyes! Those beautiful eyes have allowed you to witness the world around you! And, they allow others to see who you are! So, really look in your eyes. See what others see. The light of who you are. The pathway to your heart.

YOU. Are beautiful. Right now. This very moment. Look at yourself, and say it.

"I am beautiful, my body is beautiful; it has served me so incredibly well. I want to thank you, body, for your strength, your power, your might and your continuous perseverance."

Our bodies are to give us life; we are to take care of our bodies; we are to love them, nurture them, and be kind to them.

Our bodies are NOT for others to judge. They are not to be compared. They are our OWN bodies, that have traveled our OWN journeys. They give us the ability to live and love - that is what we are here for.

So, take a moment, get naked, really look at your body. And then praise it, for all it has done for you.

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Thank you for this one! I needed this words today 🙏❤️

Jun 25, 2022
Replying to

That makes me happy! Not that you needed it, but that it helped ❤️🤗

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