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Clean your Vents

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Ok. Brace yourselves. My vents are dirty and they need to be cleaned. It's about to go down.

DUDE. You wanna be HOT? Do you want to lose weight FAST? Do you want a workout that doesn't even FEEL LIKE WORKING OUT? What about a diet that lets you EAT ALL YOU WANT? Do you want to achieve all your fitness goals WITH NO WORK AT ALL?

HEY! For upwards of your lifesavings and then some, you too, can join the latest Fitness Craze!! Not only will you lose weight by buying "our" products (at about twice your monthly rent) but you can also sell them! You'll get a discount on the program that has changed your life (and your budget!) What do you have to lose?

Please hold while I take a sip of my whiskey.

I am so, SO, very sick and tired (and so many expletives I will not use here) of the MACHINE, the INDUSTRY that PREYS on your desire, on OUR desire to be healthy. To feel good. To be better.

Guess what? If you want to lose weight? It's not going to cost you upwards of your lifesavings. What will it cost? Your time. Your patience. Your COMMITMENT. All the things that the weight loss industry is trying to entice you with omitting. Seriously?

Sure - you can have the quick fix. You can cut calories to a dangerous low and lose weight - hell, I did that beautifully when I was anorexic. Also, when I was bulimic. Easy Peasy chicken sneezy. (yeah, I know that's not quite it, but you know.... whiskey)

I am so discouraged as I write this. I want to be the best possible, most powerful possible, most loving possible, and most wonderful version of me that I can. And I want to help others do that too. I want to travel a road with you, a journey with you, a lifetime with you. Because that what it takes! It is a long term, wonderful, hard, life changing commitment to just being better.

Do you want to lose weight? Great! Do you want to be strong? Let's do it! Do you want to be joyful? Me too! All of these are fantastic and wonderful goals. But I am here to tell you, they are not easy, they are not quick, but they are WORTH THE WORK.

You and Me? We are in this for the long haul. We are in this to do it right. I want to walk in TRUTH. In POWER. In HARD WORK. In the JOY of moving forward.

There is no substitute for hard work. Hard work is building your house beginning with the foundation and going upward from there. Don't let the fitness industry discourage your foundation. Money cannot buy you good health; only you can give yourself that gift. And it is, indeed, a gift.

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Deby St John
Deby St John
Apr 27, 2022

Does whiskey come with the hard work? Asking for a friend 😁

Replying to

Tell your friend, indeed it does! :)


Beautifully put! You inspire me. 🙂

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