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Fitness has changed my life, over and over. Every stage of life has brought an evolution that has made me a better human; and it all comes down to taking ACTION. Action that is big, that is small, or in-between. Choosing to ACT, to MOVE, to CHANGE. I love working with people and witnessing their awesome strength and fortitude to take ACTION. Even on the hard days. 


Thankful to MOVE! 

Personal Trainer

The pandemic forced us all to revamp and rethink, and fitness was deeply affected. Our safe outlets, our "me time" at the gym, was lost.  So we decided to ACT and took our training online. We discovered the art of using Zoom, communicating without being able to be present in your space; and you know what? It was awesome! I have been training with amazing fitness instructors in Slovenia, Germany, Japan, all around the world and it has been AWESOME! So why stop now? Now, even as I can go back to the gym, I've realized I can create programs for people, wherever they are! 


If you are interested in training, no matter your location, let me know! We can workout virtually, in person, or you can simply use a program that I will tailor for you specifically. There is so much we can do!

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