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No More Zero Days

My husband shared this really thought provoking post on Reddit with me. It's by Reddit user ryans01. I really liked his concept and I'd like to share it here with you, as I've applied it to my life.

No More Zero Days.

What's a zero day?

A zero day is when you don't do a single thing towards whatever dream or goal you have.

The beauty of this concept, is that you only need to do one thing - big, small, anything, that helps you achieve your goal. Don't let any days pass, without doing one thing. There are no zero days.

In order to have no zero days, you need some goals. These can be super vague (like mine) or very specific. I have three areas that I want to work on and they are: Family, Fitness, Business. I haven't whittled down specific goals in each category yet, but still want to make progress, so I made them a wider goal.

So for my Family goal - anything that is for the good of the family - that includes the folding of the laundry! CHECK! It's a non zero day.

Fitness: I got to teach today - CHECK! It's a non zero day. Or, I ate a healthy dinner, CHECK! It's a non zero day.

Business: I found a rad studio that I can expand my classes to - CHECK! Non zero day! Or - I wrote some topics in my journal that inspire me - again CHECK, non zero day.

The non zero day does not measure magnitude, but movement. And any movement you make, adds to the day before and becomes the magnitude you are seeking.

So, let's make this our new system. The NON-ZERO system.

We don't need grand new year's resolutions, we just need to decide to do something, every single day, towards whatever goals we have. You don't need to reinvent yourself, you don't need to jump on some fast paced bandwagon that promises "everything you ever wanted for just $99.99."

We have what we need at our disposal, right now. We just have to use it.

Start where you are, use what you have, it will be enough.

Does anyone start at the top rung of the ladder? Why do we even use a ladder? Because where we want to go is currently out of our reach. So we find a tool - a ladder, to help us get higher. A ladder is such a beautiful thing.

We all have to start with the first step. And that first step, and every step thereafter - makes a NON ZERO DAY. You might shun the first step of the ladder, but it is that step, and ONLY that step, that starts your journey.

So in this new year of 2023, filled with gimmicks like "2023, a New Me," let's not buy into short term hype. Let's instead, decide, right now, that we will have no zeros days. Big or small, every single day, let's do something that propels us in the direction we want to go.

Whatever your heart is seeking - every action counts.

Go forth and be ACTIVE.

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